Features / Finance and Billing Automation
Finance and Billing Module

Web Services involve extensive billing operations such as expiries/renewals, monthly billing, overage billing, payment collection, dynamic upgrades and downgrades, multiple online payment options, advance accounts and top-ups, invoicing, reports and so on.

We provide an industry leading Reseller Automation platform that automates all of these tasks along with comprehensive reports, online invoicing, instant notifications etc.

OrderBox takes over as your personal accountant, billing manager, collections manager, reporting engine and much more. Our Systems not only completely automate all your finance and billing tasks but also provides the same functionality to your Customers and Resellers.

Detailed Features - Finance and Billing Automation

  • Online Invoices and Receipts for Your Customers and Resellers - OrderBox generates online invoices, receipts, debit notes and credit notes automatically depending on various transaction types. OrderBox automatically creates a corresponding transaction entry for Sales, Sales reversals, Sales cancellations, Deletions, Online & Offline Payments, Chargebacks, Upgrades, Downgrades and Requests for refunds. Each transaction is recorded appropriately and all parties are automatically notified. Your Customers and Resellers can print any transaction document from the SuperSite, the Control Panels, or your own website. Gone are the days of paper invoicing.
  • Multi-currency system with automatic currency conversion - For each transaction OrderBox maintains the transaction amount in multiple currencies depending on preferences set by you and your Resellers. Currency conversion rates between every currency worldwide are dynamically downloaded and updated on a daily basis from a reliable source. So you can choose to maintain your transactions in USD and Euro, and your Resellers can choose to maintain their transactions in Sterling Pound and Turkish Lire. OrderBox also computes Foreign exchange fluctuation gain/loss data based on your preferences
  • Never worry about collecting payments from your Resellers and Customers - The comprehensive payment collection module of OrderBox allows you to specify your payment collection preferences per product and then you can simply sit back and watch the cash flow in. You can define your credit policies, intervals at which payment reminders should be sent out, duration after which an order should be cancelled, suspended or deleted and so on. OrderBox will then automatically send out corresponding notifications with links to allow your Customers and Resellers to pay their dues, failing which the system will take the action you have defined.
  • Integrate multiple Payment Gateways of your choice for online payment collection - Your Customers and Resellers can now pay you online through Payflow pro, PayPal, Authorizenet, PlanetPayment or any other payment gateway of your choice. OrderBox has integration modules for every Payment Gateway you can think of.
  • Maintain Advance accounts for Your Resellers and Customers - Your Resellers and Customers can pay via credit card, or maintain an advance deposit account which they can keep replenishing regularly. OrderBox will keep track of all their purchases and transactions and appropriately manage their Advance accounts. Your Resellers and Customers can easily add funds to their account through their control panel or through any offline method that you define.
  • Over and above this you and your Resellers can -
    • Set the system to send warnings when funds fall below a certain level
    • Request for refunds of any excess balances
    • Specify wire transfer and mailing address information
    • Record offline receipts of your Customers and Resellers
    • Generate comprehensive reports for your billing and accounting team to enable them to manage their accounts, supervise the payment collection process, determine sales and profitability etc